Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Halloween Night October 31, 2005

Main Street was all lit up in beautiful, vibrant colors.

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Fun banners on all posts on Main Street

Mickey's Toontown Fair with spooky web on the sign.

Myself, Mickey in Scarecrow Costume and Love

Full-sized Mad Tea Cups worth of candy on the Toontown Treat Trail. The cm's were dressed as cards from Alice in Wonderland in red and black.

Here I'm showing off just some of the candy from the night. Much more was to come.

The Haunted Mansion float from the Boo To You Parade

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The Boo To You Parade had all kinds of characters including Mickey dressed as a jester and Donald as a knight

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The lightning throughout the park was absolutely beautiful. Space Mountain was done up in patterned lights that changed.

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Happy HalloWishes - Grim Grinning Ghosts Come Out To Socialize was a new-for-2005 fireworks show full of villains, and narrated by the Haunted Mansion Ghost Host.

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Video (25 megs)

Love and I in front of a beautifully decorated Cinderella's Coach.

By the end of the night, they would fill anything you had with as much candy as you could hold. Purses, backpacks, shopping bags. I weighed the candy when we got home. We had 24lbs of candy. This photo was after we gave an entire orange bag (like above) away to a friend.

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